Cuisines of Jabalpur

Jabalpur cuisine has undergone an immense change over a period of time. With the passage of time, the dishes in the city have unfolded with new taste and are widely liked by both tourists and residents. However, the old traditional dishes are still there and are a favorite among the citizens. For a tourist, there are numerous places in the city which cater to the taste buds of all.

Food in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is famous for its good food. There are plenty of restaurants and small roadside shops which serve a different variety of foods. The people of Jabalpur are expert in cooking.Festive times are best to get a taste of real sumptuous food of the city. 

One can opt for anything from vegetarian or non vegetarian cuisines. The rich aromatic flavor can surely left you amazed making you ask for more.

Traditional Cuisines of Jabalpur

There is a local chaat vendor called Prakash, he is quite famous for making tikkis in a traditional style. The local cuisine of Jabalpur comprises of spicy and delectable kebabs. There is the famous bhutte ki khees which is made of corn and milk. It is also said to be the traditional dish of Jabalpur. 

The light and flavorful poha is a preferred breakfast option among the people. The city is well known for its sweet tooth and one can enjoy the 'garma garam' jalebi, mawa bati, malpua, which also the local cuisine of Jabalpur.

Fast Food in Jabalpur

Fast Food in Jabalpur

Today's young generation is day by day getting more and more fond of fast food items. These fast food joints are not only places to enjoy junk food, moreover they have also become favorite hangouts for youngsters to have a get together with friends.

The popular food chains called Cafe Coffee Day and Domino's pizza have opened their branches in the city. If you like Chinese, then Kamling and Clock Tower are the ideal places for you to visit. The main food items which one can find in these eating joints are burgers, desserts, cookies, pizzas, French fries, Chinese fast food to name a few.

Street Food in Jabalpur

The narrow and crowded streets of the city are the best place to stop over and enjoy yummy dishes. The food vendors and the mesmerising aroma of food can captivate anyone. The bazaars are also famous for shopping of clothes, saris, handicrafts and terracotta items. 

To indulge in street food, one should visit the local markets to get a taste of variety of snacks. Chowpatti in Civic center is a must visit for its low cost food items. There are many food carts which one can locate along the roadside. The food carts offer bhelpuri, pav bhaaji, chowmein, dosas, sandwiches and chinese.

Dishes of Jabalpur

The restaurants called Navneeta, Arihant Palace and Traffic Jam are some nice restaurants for dinner. There are small vendors at night near the fuhara which offer deserts like rabri, lassi and khova jalebi. There is not much variety in terms of indigenous foods in Jabalpur. On the contrary, since there a many cultures which together in this city, therefore one can find eateries here offering an immense variations in food.

You can also catch, the famous Parathewali aunty at platform 4 entrance of railway station. This place is favourite among traveler's and youngsters for both delicious paratha and cheerful conversation with Aunty.

Sweets of Jabalpur

There are many sweet shops in Jabalpur and people of the city are very fond of all kinds of desserts. Some of the well known sweet shops are Hira sweets, New 4 Seasons, Chandrakala sweets, Gulmohar sweets and bakers and Rajbhog. 

People in the city are also very fond of jalebi and they don't feel shy in making their sweets at home. The taste is amazing and the sweets are prepared using natural ingredients. Here you can find popular sweet shops stuffed with people especially during festive season when there is great demand for sweets and snacks.

Restaurants in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is famous for two things its food and the beautiful historical monuments. There are many other things which make Jabalpur, a preferred place to visit like its scenic beauty and the warm and friendly people. Some of the food joints which one can visit in Jabalpur are Indian Coffee House, Options, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Punjabi Food Corner (PFC). 

Indian Coffee House located in India Hotel is famed for its Indian, Chinese and South Indian dishes. The breakfast served here too is another attraction of this restaurant.

Eating in Jabalpur

Options is located on Vined Talkies road. It is a perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends in a soothing environment. There is mouth watering Chinese and Indian food combined with Bollywood tracks and pop songs. 

Satyam Shivam Sundaram located in Napier town is famous for its delicious vegetarian food. Punjabi Food Corner located near Samdariya mall and is known for different variety of delicious parathas. Some other dishes with are worth a try are, butter chicken, biryani and chicken samosa.

Places to Drink in Jabalpur

There are also some places in Jabalpur where one can enjoy drinks. Yogi Bar is a good bar and is located on Vined Talkies Road. Another pub in the city is Tiger Hunt, it is the only sports bar and is a nice place to enjoy drinks including shooting arrays, console games and one can also dance on the dance floor at the discotheque. 

Ten Downing Street is another place on 4th floor of south avenue mall, it is regarded as the best pub in Jabalpur. There is also Vini's bar which is a terrace bar and is decent place to drink.

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