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Jabalpur Tourism

Jabalpur is one of the largest cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated on the banks of River Narmada and is a much preferred tourist destination to visit in India. Topographically, the city is surrounded by barren hills, lakes and water tanks. 

The city is well known and reputed for Tourism and Medical services. Jabalpur is connected to Bhopal, Nagpur, Jaipur and Allahabad via National Highways, NH-7 (Varanasi- Kanyakumari), NH-12 (Jabalpur - Jaipur) and NH-2A (Simga - Chhattisgarh NH-26 near Jhansi).

Tourism in Jabalpur

Jabalpur has a small airport called Dumna at a distance of about 20 kms from the city center. There are direct flights to Delhi and also to all the major airports in South and West through Indore.The city has rich reserves of limestone, refractory clay, bauxite, iron ore, manganese and other deposits. Some of the industries in the area are engaged in manufacturing of these minerals.

Plan your visit to Jabalpur, the tourism capital of Madhya Pradesh to catch a glimpse of unmatched natural beauty. The city is surrounded with rocky hills of granite and sand stone from all sides. In the evenings the lush green mountains combined with orange and blue sky in the background of these hills provides a picturesque view. 

The city is located in the Mahakoshal region in Central part of India. It is one of the important cities in the State and is popular world over for its "Marble Rocks", “Dhuandhar" waterfalls, “Madan Mahal fort" and the tourist site "Bhedaghat ".

The city is famous for being the gateway to wildlife sanctuaries. Jabalpur has an excellent connectivity with all the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Agra, Lucknow etc. The city is considered to be the first option for any traveler to begin or terminate any tour.

A Brief History of Jabalpur

Jabalpur is an important historical place and its origin dates back to ancient times. History of Jabalpur is quite interesting. The city was the capital of Gond rulers and was also known as Tripuri. It was governed by the Hahaya rulers and finds references in Mahabharta, an ancient Indian epic. The city also became a part of Mauryan and Gupta Empires. 

The Kalchuri dynasty made Jabalpur as their capital in ad 875. Later on, the Gonds seized it and made it, the powerful Gondwana kingdom. In 1789, it was taken over by the Marathas and finally the British defeated Marathas in 1817. The British established a cantonment here and made it the commission headquarters of Narmada territories.

Famous Tourist Destination In and Around Jabalpur City

Jabalpur is renowned for its glorious past and rich archaeological heritage. The city is getting adapted to latest trends and is fast becoming a cosmopolitan area. There are plenty of ancient monuments and on the other hand are the upcoming modern housing societies. Tourists have numerous options to spend time in Jabalpur. There are historical monuments, places of worship and sightseeing to explore in the city.

Madan Mahal Fort in Jabalpur

Historical sites in Jabalpur

Madan Mahal Fort was built in 1116 AD and has become a much sought after tourist spot in modern times. The fort is located at 500 mtrs. above the ground and is closely associated with Rani Durgavati, the Gond Queen and her son Madan Singh. 

It is a perfect example which showcases the craftsmanship of people of 11th century. There is a stable, small reservoir, war rooms and a main pleasure chamber for Gond rulers which are still present in the fort. The fort also provides a panoramic view of the town and country side around it.

Sangram Sagar and Bajana Math in Jabalpur

Sangram Sagar and Bajana Math, the medieval constructions are located at about 15 kms from Jabalpur. These structures were built by Sangram Shah, the famous king of Gonds (1480-1540). Sangram Sagar Lake is an added charm to this magnificent spot.

Tilwara Ghat in Jabalpur

Tilwara Ghat in Jabalpur is situated on the Banks of Narmada River. The ghat is well maintained and has Gandhi Smarak. It is the place where Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were immersed in Narmada River. The place was also the venue for open session of Tripur Congress in the year 1939. The biggest attraction in the city, Marble Rocks too is nearby. Narmada River has created a narrow canyon at this place. An amazing thing to see is that both sides of canyon are of pure marble.

Bhedaghat in Jabalpur

Bhedaghat is approximately 25 kms away from Jabalpur. It is a town and Nagar Panchayat in Jabalpur district. It is a ghat on the side of holy River Narmada where one can enjoy boating through the shiny marble rocks. The river water combined with marble rocks provides a picturesque view to this place. Numerous Bollywood movies have been shot here and there is Motel Marble Rocks resort by M.P. Tourism where tourists can book a stay.

Dhuandhar Waterfall in Jabalpur

Natural Sites in Jabalpur

The Narmada River, while making its way through the famous marble rocks, narrows down and it plunges out as a waterfall known as Dhuandhar or smoke cascade. The plunge is so powerful that the roar produced by it is audible from a far distance. The sound of water combined with the beauty of the falls truly provides a captivating sight.

Chausat Yogini Temple in Jabalpur

The temple is one of the oldest heritage site and is located on a hilltop. It was built in 11 th century A.D. and is the abode of Goddess Durga including the 64 Yoginis regarded as different forms of the Goddess. At present, the temple stands as partially damaged, however it throws light on ancient dynasties that once ruled over Jabalpur. 

The main shrine has Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati riding on Nandi, the sacred bull. The temple is made of local granite and was constructed during the rule of Kalchuri dynasty.The surroundings of the temple are very calm with lush greenery. Heritage lovers would surely get encompassed in the overwhelming beauty of the temple.

Rani Durgavati Memorial and Museum in Jabalpur

It was built in 1964 to commemorate Queen Durgavati. The memorial and museum is said to be a storehouse of numerous treasured relics. Inside the museum, rare manuscripts and ancient sculptures have been preserved. One section in the museum houses the articles related to Mahatma Gandhi.

Kachnar City Shiva Temple in Jabalpur

The idol of Lord Shiva stands to be the latest tourist attractions of Jabalpur. Kachnar city is said to be the nickname of Vijayanagar, a newly developed posh locality of Jabalpur. The Shiva idol was developed by the builders after the coming up of Kachnar city. It is a 76 ft. high statue of Lord Shiva which lies under the open sky. The idol was completed in 2006 and also houses a cavern with replicas of shivalingam from holy shrines of Lord Shiva around the country.

Dumna Nature Reserve in Jabalpur

Eco Tourism in Jabalpur

While going towards Dumna Airport, one can stop and enjoy the eco tourism site known as Dumna Nature Reserve. It is located at a distance of 10 kms from Jabalpur and lies on Dumna Airport road. Tourists can explore different activities like fishing, bird watching, wild animal sighting or may be they can go for a nature walk. 

There are wild animals like chitals, porcupine, deer, wild boar, monkey and jackals including many other species which one can spot in the wilderness. Additionally, boating is also available on Khandari dam; however swimming and bathing are strictly prohibited due to the presence of crocodiles in water. There is a restaurant and children park as well. 

New attractions are added to the nature reserve from time to time. For example, a toy train was inaugurated for children. There are some other attractions like tent platform, fishing platform, hanging bridge and rest house for travelers.

Entrance charges - Rs.10 per person
Timings - 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Parking charges - 2 wheeler is Rs.10 and 4 wheeler is Rs.20

Clock Tower in Jabalpur

The Clock Tower is located in the heart of the city and is one of the oldest buildings of Jabalpur. The four faces of the clock served as public watch, since earlier the people did not have wrist watches. However, in present times, it stands as a piece of admiration for its aesthetics.

Clock Tower is considered to be a famous historical monument. Furthermore, it is well maintained and during the major festivals it is decorated beautifully by local municipal.

Tourist Helplines and Important Contact Numbers

Tour and Travel in Jabalpur
Jabalpur Tourism Promotion Council

Address :Room No. 74, Collectorate Civil Lines,
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Pin-482002
E-mail : commjabalpur@gmail.com

How to Reach Jabalpur ?

Air Connectivity

Air Connectivity in Jabalpur

Jabalpur Airport (JLR) popularly known as Dumna Airport lies 25 kms east of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The airport serves as the only air connection for 15-20 districts. It is well connected to major cities like Delhi, Bhopal and Indore. 

There are connecting flights from Indore to Mumbai and flights from Delhi are operating everyday as well. Kingfisher and Indian Airlines are the two options between Delhi and Jabalpur. The airport is managed by Airports Authority of India (AAI). It became commercially operational in April 23rd 2005 with flight of Air Deccan.

Rail Connectivity

Jabalpur Railway Station operates on the Mumbai-Howrah via Allahabad main line. The station is served by Western Central Railways and is located towards the north of Civil Lines. Some of the trains which run through this station are Mahakoshal Express, Sanghamitra Express, Kota-Jabalpur Express, Vindhyachal Express, Tapti-Ganga Express, Mahanagari Express, Pawan Express, Amarkantak Express and Chitrakut Express. 

The facilities available at the station are tourist information center and computerised reservation facility. Jabalpur station is an ISO certified station which is packed with all modern facilities. It is one of the cleanest and well maintained stations of India. 

The budgeted hotels namely Narmada Jacksons hotel, Samdariya hotel and Hotel Kalchuri are very close to the station. Hardly 2 km away from the railway station is Central Bus station.

Road Connectivity

Jabalpur is well connected via roads and highways and there is a regular bus service available for Indore, Nagpur, Kanha, Bhopal, Amarkantak, Bandhavgarh and various other small cities in Madhya Pradesh. There is Volvo bus service as well from Jabalpur to Nagpur and vice versa. One can book seats in the bus at any time by simply calling the executive at Jabalpur Travel Agents.

Where to Stay in Jabalpur ?

Tourists seeking accommodation in Jabalpur can book a room at any of the several hotels, lodges and guest houses present in the city. The various accommodations cater to the requirements of different customers. There are multiple options available in terms of location, price and facilities to suit the needs and preferences of each customer. 

The accommodations are famous for providing both luxury and comfort. Luxury hotels, reasonable cheap budget hotels as well as medium priced hotels are available for a pleasant stay in Jabalpur. The hotels treat their customers with warm hospitality and the rooms are well equipped with peaceful ambience. 

One can also organize private parties or important meetings at conference halls and banquet of these hotels. The food menu boasts of multi cuisine delicacies with prompt service. One can make a booking at any of these hotels. Read more

Hotels in Jabalpur

Jabalpur Travel Tips

Tourists should keep the following tips in mind in order to have a pleasant stay in Jabalpur.
  • Make hotel reservations in advance, especially if you are traveling to popular tourist destinations during the peak season
  • Check for travel advisories in order to get the latest travel advice before you leave for holiday
  • Take a travel insurance policy to ensure complete safety. These insurance policies cover hospital treatments, medical bills and any kind of accident or sickness or lost baggage
  • Obey the laws and act responsibly, thinking about consequences of any wrong act
  • Make extra copies of your passport and store your important travel documents like credit card or traveler's check numbers at safe place
  • Keep your money safe and purchase a slim money purse or may be a safety belt to store your money and identification
  • Avoid taking along heavy baggage as it acts as a hindrance if you are traveling around the city

Best Time to Visit Jabalpur

Jabalpur is very hot during the summers; however it is mild during the winters. There is an ample amount of rainfall during monsoon season. The climate of the city is sub tropical and humid. Therefore, winters are the best time to visit Jabalpur. The summers are hot and dry with the maximum temperature soaring up to 47°C. 

March, April and May are said to be the summer months. The monsoon season is in the months of June, July, August and September. During the month of September there is a sparse rainfall by the influence of South West monsoon. 

The month of August receives maximum rainfall. Winter months in Jabalpur are October, November, December and January. The maximum temperature during this time is 29°C and the minimum temperature goes down to 4°C.

Where to Shop in Jabalpur ?

Shopping in Jabalpur

Jabalpur city is well known for its old bazaars and modern malls. The restaurants and variety of clothes both act as a treat to the travelers. The city is popular for its toys, terracotta items, crafts of jute and silver, brass-ware items, stunning zardosi along with Chanderi and Maheshwari saris. Mrignayani, a government emporium is known for its handicrafts. No doubt shopping in Jabalpur can be fun with lots of excitement.

Transportation in Jabalpur

Local Transport in Jabalpur is easily accessible. There are different modes of transport within Jabalpur like Car, Bus, Train and Taxi. The newly introduced local transportation namely the Metro Buses are considered to be the lifeline of the city. 

The maximum population in the city depends on local transport for commuting.Auto Rickshaws and Cycle Rickshaws are easily available for local commuting. These rickshaws are run by individuals. The auto rickshaws are a bit expensive in comparison to buses and cycle rickshaws. 

The cheapest mode of transport in the city is the local trains. There are inter- state trains which operate from the various railway stations of Jabalpur. Traveling by train is time saving and even less expensive.

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